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Welcome to Car Swappers

Save money and get the car you want!

Car Swappers offers you the potential to save thousands on the expense of acquiring a different vehicle. No more expensive advertising, no more dealer fees, and no more browsing the small ads. Now you can swap with other like minded individuals who want a different car – all at the click of your mouse.

Car Swappers allows you to advertise your car instantly to thousands of potential swappers. All you need to do is place a picture (optional) of your car on the site and a short note stating what you want to swap it for. Then just wait for people to contact you. It’s that simple!

Advertising at Car Swappers only costs £5 for 60 days!

Why not browse the site and you may find the car swapping opportunity of your dreams.
Click to view our used car swap listings.

Motor traders – Free your forecourt, not got the car the customer wants? Why not swap with other traders online. Browse through our listings and find the car you want, or place your own ad and get the vehicle you need.

James Millar (Scotland)
Thanks to car swappers
I saved a fortune by not
having to sell and buy,
and got the car I was after.
Thanks again.
John (Maidstone)
Says thanks to carswappers
I swapped my puma for the
2 seater I was hoping to buy
when I had saved enough.
Thanks again for a great site.

Advertising at Car Swappers only costs £5 for 60 days!

Privacy Policy
All details supplied to CAR SWAPPERS with your on-line advertisement will be safeguarded by our privacy policy, and will never be forwarded to any third parties. The only details that can be viewed by other clients is your advert. Car swappers treats customers privacy as a number 1 priority.

www.carswappers.co.uk accepts no responsibility regarding the swapping of vehicles by any individuals using this site for advertising, it is down to the individuals concerned in the swap to follow all advice given by www.carswappers.co.uk and to use common sense. We recommend a full vehicle mechanical check is done, and a hire purchase agreement check is cleared before the swap takes place. www.carswappers. co.uk is an advertising site offering the motoring public the opportunity to place an advert on our website, and takes no responsibility for any problems that may arise due to vehicle swaps.

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